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How Facebook fool adblock programs

With over 2.8 billion active users each month, with tracking scripts that will know everything about you, Facebook know what you want, when you need. Targeted advertisements will be displayed exactly when you didn’t expect.

Billions adverts that are displayed on each 4-5 normal posts means tens of sponsored posts each user are forced to view daily.

Billion users * tens sponsored daily * let say 0.1 $ USD for each advert. That’s a sum.

A huge amount of money which Facebook would not want to lose or to be affected.

One of Facebook’s biggest enemies are programs that stop the ads. Users are saturated to see hundreds of ads daily that hide or make it difficult to find essential information. This is how the programs that block the ads appeared.

Facebook loses money, lots of money and they need to block these programs that block ads.

There are already a lot of scripts that identify in browser if user is using AdBlock. For one reason or another Facebook decided not to use these solution, probably wouldn’t be user friendly, it would be an additional reason to permanently expel users who are already frustrated by this ads.

Because of that an entire Facebook team has the task of finding solutions to bypass the filters of specialized programs on blocking ads.

What solutions did they find:

Case 1:
The easy way, usually identified in Chrome browsers where Sponsored text can be clearly identify ed as a full string:

Case 2:
When Facebook display the word “Sponsored” using an element for each letter. This elements are mixed with other elements in many cases with the same letter combinations but using visible and hidden elements. Letter is added and displayed from a data-content attribute. In this cases we need to identify each visible element and to check if attached this elements will compose Sponsored string.

Case 3:
This is like case 2 but in this case Facebook will not use data-content attribute and instead will use element html content. All elements are now visible but some of theme are empty.